We believe there are 5 pursuits that help us grow in our relationship with God: first step, worship, community, serving, and generosity. So be encouraged and check out some stories of life change from people like you in the videos below or share your story with us!


We are committed to pursuing a relationship with Jesus both for ourselves and others. Watch stories of people who made the intentional “first step” choice to place their hope in Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives.


We seek daily to pursue a relationship with God both corporately and privately in worship. Watch stories about people who were impacted greatly by worship and see examples of worship in our church.


We seek to pursue community through a circle of believers where we can grow stronger in our walk of faith. Watch stories about people growing closer to Jesus through community.


We seek to pursue a lifestyle of serving as the most authentic expression of Jesus’ love to the world. Watch stories about the experience people have had serving, and the impact it had on their relationship with Jesus.


We seek to pursue a lifestyle of generosity as an expression of gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us. Watch stories of people who chose to be generous and what that means to them.