STORIES | First Step

David | “And as I’m driving to work I hear this voice, ‘You must believe in my son.’”

Pookie | “I made it through to the other side after those incidents and that was because He loved me.”

Rick | “What I gained was the peace that began to form in my heart in my life in dealing with the struggles.”

Jan | “Every day I would pray that God would give me one healthy child.”

Kaelyn | “The words really did start to connect with me and the songs really helped me with my grieving.”

Gary | “It’s been a night and day, literally darkness to light situation.”

Vicki | “I found myself a full blown alcoholic and that’s when I realized life was not working out for me.”

Lori | “What else do I have but to focus on the love of Jesus?”

Casey | “Everything I had put up there as important kind of crashed.”

Doug | “I was seeking something and I didn’t even know what I was searching for, but I was incomplete.”

Josie | “I was just thinking how crazy it was that Jesus got them through their problems and it just helped me see how Jesus affected me.”

Dina | “I just put it out to the universe because I didn’t know what was out there.”

Kurt | “I had to be empty, I had to be ready to accept something, and that’s when Jesus came knocking on my door.”

Ryan | “I really can’t remember a time where I did not at least have the knowledge that Jesus was the Son of God and that He loved me.”

Karen | “We just have to keep trusting and keep praying and keep acting like he will fix it.”

Averi | “I kind of just lost that connection with God - you start questioning things like why does God let these things happen?”

Brigitte | “On the outside it looked like I had a really great life. On the inside there was a lot going on that people couldn’t see.”

Danielle | “I get to choose it and I get to proclaim it to myself.”

Wade | “It’s been a rocky road, but through all my trials and tribulations, having that relationship with Christ gave me that peace in my heart.”

Jamie | “I was really struggling a lot with anxiety, I felt really alone, and like I was a burden and I didn’t know how to forgive myself for a lot of mistakes I had made.”

Linda | “I can look back on it and see very clear definite places where God has influenced my life.”

Ed | “I had a hole in my spiritual life that needed to be filled.”

Megan | “That was the moment that it all changed for me.”

Karen | “It wasn’t until after my son was born that I felt like there was something missing in my life.”

Emily | “The operation recovery process took me to a very dark place however it also brought me to a place within me so beautiful and perfect it was indescribable.”

Keegan | “Something about the mission trip really changed the way you view the world.”


Jewel | “I knew I always had someone I could rely on and trust in.”

Caroline | “I felt like Jesus was in the building with me.”

Zella | “I knew that wasn’t who I wanted to be, but I didn’t know how to get out of that rut.”

Zach | “I wouldn’t have build some of the best relationships I have.”

Regan | “My life before Christ was unfocused and there was no real point.”

Olivia | “I wasn’t full of joy as I am now.”

Meredith | “I feel called to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.”

Lexie | “I love life so much more now, before it was crazy and chaotic.”

Kaylie | “One day I went to church and I just had a connection with God.”

Katie | “It is amazing to see what the source of unfailing strength and love can do for your life.”

Haley | “It was exactly what I needed in my life.”

Jocelenn | “I will always know he’s with me.”

Brooke | “Everything I do, I have a more positive outlook.”

Gabbi | “I started to isolate myself and become a very hateful person.”

Bobby | “There was a presence of God in the room that I felt.”

Sophia | “I felt a strong conviction in my heart and it was God pushing me.”

Avery | “Jesus changed my life because Jesus died for me.”

Elijah | “He has changed and impacted my life by teaching me to care for others.”

Adeline | “I wanted everyone to know that I accepted Jesus.”

Brenna | “I felt very alone, but I found refuge in God.”

Nancye | “I felt like Jesus was trying to yank on my heart strings and pull me back.”

Pat | “I thought something was missing. I had a hole in my heart.”

Paul | “Through a bible study, I re-assessed my spiritual journey.”

Gay | “I can get through anything with his help and his strength.”

Alex | “Once you’re with God that long, you get to those teenage years and start to rebel and go in a different direction.”

Amy | “Because now I know what it means to have Jesus in my heart and in my life even though we still have our ups and downs.”

Maddi and Kelsie | “I decided it was going to be my mission to pray for my family and bring my family to church.”

Jane | “I went to church and that day I felt something.”

Matt | “I had a dramatic conversion experience in middle school… I’ve had to rely on that.”

Suzy | “The constant through it all has been Jesus Christ.”

Brooke | “I didn’t see my life going where I wanted it to go, just kept doing the same thing.”

Jite | “Before I had Christ I always felt alone, I felt lost. When I met him I knew I had somebody.”

Elizabeth | “My life has changed because I have more purpose.”

Kara | “I always struggled with self-worth and coming to know Him I’ve realized He made me the way He wants me.”

Anabella | “I fell in love with the community and people.”

Brooke | “I never knew the feeling of the presence of God and the Holy Spirit.”

Taylor | “I’ve known Him my whole life but it’s gotten more and more intimate and personal throughout the years.”