Monday Nights in August | 6:30pm - 8:00pm | Room 1102

When Helping Hurts is a 4 week class led by our Serve Pastor Sean Moore. Together, you’ll discuss missional perspectives and practices based on readings from the popular book, When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert. This class is for anyone interested in serving - whether you’ve been serving locally and globally all your life or have yet to make serving part of your lifestyle.

We believe each and every person has the opportunity to play a role in the Kingdom in varying capacities and timelines, locally and globally. As we progress and grow, it’s vitally important that we are aligned and moving together. With this, the overarching goal of our time together is to widen our perspectives on God, His call for us, and the part we play in serving His Kingdom and how we might serve in more effective ways. My prayer is that through reading and discussion, we will all be unified, challenged, and changed for the Kingdom.  

We want to highlight some points of interest, discuss them, and see how they affect our own missional perspectives and practices. All you need to do is read along with the format below, take notes or highlight along the way, and come with some thoughts and ideas to share.

The book is laid out in four parts, with about three chapters each. Our goal is to progress through one part each week, which would allow us to complete the book and conversation in 1 month.  

August 5th - Part 1:

Foundational Concepts for Helping Without Hurting – Intro & Chapters 1-3

August 12th - Part 2:

General Principles for Helping Without Hurting - Chapters 4-6

August 19th - Part 3:

Practical Strategies for Helping Without Hurting - Chapters 7-9

August 26th - Part 4:

Getting Started on Helping Without Hurting - Chapters 10, 11 & A Final Word

You can sign up for the class below. Be sure to purchase the book and reach through Part 1 before our first class! You can purchase the book here or at a local book retailer.