Our SERVE STRATEGY is made up of four parts: Discipleship, Partnership, Empowerment, and Serve the Server


1. Discipleship

  • We are to build up from within as we are called to go out.

  • We are to be “Learners” before “Doers.”

  • We believe that by preparing for our trips with pre-trip trainings, missional devotionals, and focused prayer, we are setting up our hearts and minds for Kingdom success.

2. Partnerships

  • Our goal is to partner with organizations & people who

    • are already advancing the Kingdom

    • are experts in desired region or areas of focus

    • will position us under their authority for success

  • Our driving question should always be: WHAT DO YOU NEED?

3. Empowerment

  • We are to promote dignity, which promotes development, which promotes lasting change.

  • We are to put people over projects.

  • Our goal is to work with and empower LOCAL LEADERS to advance the Kingdom. This points lost and broken people to local leaders within local churches and organizations so growth and discipleship are continual.

4. Serve the Server

  • Serve those who are committed to long-term service.

  • Submissive hearts towards our partners and their leadership staff help align agendas to true areas of need with Kingdom focus.

  • We are to keep missionary and family care as components of mission trips.

  • Missionary Respite is our “Glocal” ministry to bless our partners with rest and relaxation so they can continue their long-term work abroad.

Our CULTURAL VALUES exist to help us BE before we DO


1. Exemplify Jesus

  • We are called to be the salt and light of Jesus, working to live our lives as He did.

2. Honor Everyone

  • We always want to honor Jesus, our partners, our church, and others.

  • People will always come before projects.

  • Promote dignity.

  • Be with before do for.

3. Humbly Submit

  • We must ask ourselves if we're willing to do WHATEVER is asked of us for the advancement of the Kingdom.

  • We must work to set aside our preconceived ideas, plans, and personal agendas to serve and love as asked for the Kingdom.

4. Be Relational

  • Relationships are key and foundational for serving.

  • Our relationships with Jesus, our church, our partners, others, and ourselves should be God-honoring and continually growing.