Why Partnership?

Here at Beach Church, we don’t have a membership class. Membership alludes to someone receiving special privileges and benefits as they would if they were a member of a country club. Instead, we believe in partnership. We believe in inviting people into what God is doing in our beaches community - partnering with us as we follow after the mission and vision that God has placed on our hearts. In partnership, we move from consumers of the mission to contributors towards the mission.

A big part of our mission is to reach the 85,000 people within the 5 zip code radius surrounding Beach Church who don’t know Jesus. Join us by becoming an ALL IN Partner!

how to partner

Beach Life is a special evening environment where people are invited to learn about becoming a partner with Beach Church. We have dinner, hear from our pastors and staff, and engage in conversations together. Before we get to that event, we encourage people to explore Beach Church’s 5 Pursuits: our means of growing in our relationship with Jesus. It’s important to have a strong understanding of these 5 Pursuits as you become an ALL IN Partner, as being committed to our 5 Pursuits is a requirement for partnership.

Here at Beach Church, we’re passionate about growing our faith and believe these 5 core pursuits help us grow in our relationship with Jesus.

1. First Step:

We are committed to pursuing a relationship with Jesus both for ourselves and others. We have made the intentional first step choice to place our hope in Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives and are actively seeking to pursue relationships where we invite others to take their first step as well.

2. Worship

We seek daily to pursue a relationship with God both corporately and privately in worship. This includes reading the Bible, worshipping with us on Sunday mornings, praying, and fasting.

3. Community

We seek to pursue community through a circle of believers where we can grow stronger in our walk of faith. One of the best ways to do this is by joining a Life Group. You can also pursue community through one of our classes or through Alpha: a safe environment for people to explore faith.

4. Serving

We seek to pursue a lifestyle of serving as the most authentic expression of Jesus’ love to the world. There are three ways you can serve with us: here at Beach, locally with one of our community partners, or globally on a mission trip.

5. Generosity

We seek to pursue a lifestyle of generosity as an expression of gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us. We also want to help you gain financial freedom so you can step into the life God has for you! We do this through finance classes like Financial Peace University. Or if you haven’t given before, be sure to learn about our Tithe Challenge.