Sunday's Message

Week 4: Power of the Holy Spirit



For many of us, the idea of the Holy Spirit is a strange one. What exactly is the Holy Spirit? Is he a far away ghost? What is his purpose? How does he affect my life? Why does he matter? Does he actually have any power? Learn about this and more in our new series!


The new year is a great time for new beginnings. In this series we learn how to simplify our lives and make the most of every moment! We take a look at common hangups like time, celebration, confession, and secrecy.


Most of us head into the Christmas Season with high expectations only to experience huge letdowns. We want to make memories and feel loved, but we end up overwhelmed by crazy schedules and frustrating moments with family. So join us as we talk through making the most of This Christmas


We believe there are 5 pursuits that help us grow in our relationship with God: first step, worship, community, serving, and generosity. So be encouraged and check out some stories of life change from people like you in the videos below.