Faithful Servant Missions

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Faithful Servant Missions is our international partner in Costa Rica that aims to improve the spiritual, educational, and physical health of those they serve. Their overall vision is to help people develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

FSM is a faith-based organization that strives to break the cycle of poverty in Bajo Tejares through education. The community they serve is primarily Nicaraguan immigrants seeking a better life in Costa Rica, though they’re largely considered outcasts in society there. By creating an environment where children and youth can get the academic help they need to pursue a promising future, we believe change is not only possible but probable in this generation. They also provide a church and flourishing ministry for the entire community to grow spiritually. 


  • Dozens of FSM teenagers are graduating high school and entering college or the workforce

  • Hundreds of FSM children are receiving the educational assistance they need through daily, year-round programming

  • Every member of the community has a place where they are welcomed in one of FSM’s weekly ministry groups


Contact details

Cheryl Bradford | 904.472.4901

ashley davis | 904.514.1458

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