Beaches Community Kitchen


Beaches Community Kitchen prepares and delivers home-cooked meals to homebound, disabled, and frail senior citizens in the beaches community. For the last 26 years, their volunteer team has had Matthew 25:35 on their hearts, which says "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."


to serve now, contact Mary Jane Brown




  • Need volunteers to help with sorting at the Tuesday Food Prep.

  • Need a volunteer operations coordinator to help manage food intake, rotation, and supplies. 

  • Need a web hosting company to build and help maintain ministry website. 

  • Need a group to help with meal prep one day a week to give consistent volunteers the day off.

  • Need assistance in the kitchen following food prep to clean, organize, and prep for the next day. 

  • Need people willing to be on a substitute list and help when needed.

  • Need a volunteer to take bulk recycling once a week. 

  • Need a volunteer to pick up and take home wash towels to launder and return. 

  • Need help purchasing non styrofoam 3 compartment to-go boxes for food deliveries.