Baby Baptism Homework



1. Listen to a podcast from Pastor Jerry.

2. Print out our Homework Card here and write a description of the kind of person you hope your child will become over the next 18 years. Every year on their birthday, pull out the card. This exercise will give you a chance to evaluate how you’re doing as you lead your child spiritually and to remember the importance of your child’s relationship with their heavenly Father.

step 2: make it personal

1. Print out our Homework Card Here and write down two things you will do to invest in yourself and in the significant relationships in your life. These practical decisions can make a huge impact on your relationships over the long haul. Examples: 

  • Maybe you'll get a babysitter once or twice a month so you can have time with your spouse.
  • Maybe you'll put your baby to bed early so you can have personal time at the end of each day. 
  • Maybe you'll go go for a walk each night after dinner to enjoy God’s creation. 

2. On our Homework Card Here, write down two things you will do to invest in your relationship with God. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable to growing in your faith. Examples: 

  • Maybe you'll join a Life Group. Click here to get started!
  • Maybe you'll commit to having a personal quiet time three times a week. 

step 3: widen the circle

1. Collect and submit five pictures of your baby and family HERE.

2. We believe one of the greatest gifts our church can give parents is the gift of a partnership. Many parents feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of their child's spiritual development--not because they are unwilling, but because they feel ill equipped. That's where the church can come along side of you and provide encouragement, community, and resources. So find out how you can get connected with Beach Church here!