7 North | History and Why

In 2004, we bought the post office for future expansion--trusting that God would reveal to us how he wanted to use this space. Then in 2013, we made the decision to not tear down the building for additional parking. Instead, we felt called to take that space and dedicate it to several partnerships who would better our community--all under one roof. This led to 7North: a place for hope and healing in our community.

BEAM Thrift Store became our first partner. This secondhand store funds BEAM's mission of being a safety net for struggling families in our community. By moving BEAM from a residential sight onto Third Street, 7north has provided significant additional funds to help those in need.

Feeding Northeast Florida was our second partner to secure a spot in 7north. They run our Beaches Community Food Bank, providing safe and nutritious food to those in need. This distribution site provides fresh food for those in between Mayport and St. Augustine who struggle to put meals on the table for their families. 


7 North | Sago Coffee Shop

Our 2015 Renew vision included the development of a space outside of the walls of the church where we could actively engage our community. We came up with the idea of a coffee shop.

Our plan was to build a platform around coffee, community, and serving causes to better our community. We started with an existing coffee shop in Jacksonville that was seeking to expand to a second sight. After several initial delays with this partner, we sensed God’s call to actually develop and run our own, new coffee shop. By taking it on ourselves, we will generate greater funds to the mission of Beach and initiatives within community as whole.

Most recently, we have conducted a feasibility study and are finishing our branding and marketing strategy. We have begun having conversations with our contractor and our hope is to open the coffee shop by the end of 2019. Click here to check them out.


7 North | True North

After much brainstorming, we have decided to name our mental health initiative "True North." The best way to describe this initiative is to think of it as a Chamber of Commerce here in the beaches: a place dedicated to training, education, and compassionate referrals to those suffering from mental illness.

True North exists to alleviate the suffering of mental illness in the beaches area and beyond through faith communities. People struggling with mental illness has always been a passion of our church, as well as a passion of our Lead Pastor Jerry. Click here to learn more.