Here at Beach we are passionate about growing our faith. We believe that 5 core pursuits help us grow in our relationship with Jesus. Throughout our website, you will find more information on how to actively engage in these pursuits with us.




Check out the message below to hear about leaning into our 5 Pursuits.


FIRST STEP: We are committed to pursuing a relationship with Jesus both for ourselves and others. We have made the intentional “first step” choice to place our hope in Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives and are actively seeking to pursue relationships where we invite others to take their first step as well.


WORSHIP: We seek daily to pursue a relationship with God both corporately and privately in worship.


COMMUNITY: We seek to pursue community through a circle of believers where we can grow stronger in our walk of faith.


SERVING: We seek to pursue a lifestyle of serving as the most authentic expression of Jesus’ love to the world.


GENEROSITY: We seek to pursue a lifestyle of generosity as an expression of gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us.